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Cheese and Sausage Pie

Cheese and Sausage Pie

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For the test

  1. Wheat flour 500 grams
  2. Sugar 1 tablespoon
  3. Butter 50 grams
  4. Salt to taste
  5. Yeast 20 grams (fresh)
  6. Warm water 250 milliliters

For filling

  1. Sausage or ham optional
  2. Cascal cheese optional
  3. Emmental cheese optional
  4. Tomatoes optional


  1. Egg or just yolk for dough
  • Main ingredients Ham, Sausage and sausages, Tomato, Cheese, Yeast dough
  • Serving 4-6


Rolling pin, plate, knife, oven, parchment for baking.


Step 1: prepare the dough.

Sift the flour by making a slide. In the center, make a notch, put the yeast in it and pour in warm water. Add salt, soft butter and sugar. And with your hands knead a homogeneous soft dough.
Put the dough in a large plate, cover on top and let it rise for an hour.
Then roll the dough into a rectangle of small thickness.

Step 2: form a pie with cheese and sausage.

Put slices of sausage or ham in the center of the dough, slices of tomato and cheese on them, and again sausage on top.
Cut along the sides of the center by rinsing the dough. And fold the resulting strips in the center onto the filling, alternating with each other. Like a braid.
Lubricate the top with a beaten egg.

Step 3: bake a pie with cheese and sausage.

Transfer the cake gently onto a baking sheet (most convenient for this is to immediately sculpt it on parchment) and send it to the preheated 200 degrees the oven.

Bake for 30 minutes.
Serve hot or cold to the table. It will be tasty anyway.

Step 4: serve the cheese pie and sausage.

Cheese and sausage pie served as an appetizer. Cut it into pieces and eat. Delicious.
Enjoy your meal!


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