Homemade pate for children - after 10 months

Homemade pate for children - after 10 months

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How I did it: I boiled the chicken livers, boiled them with foam and washed them with cold water, then cut them in half.

I cut the onion into scales and sliced ​​garlic. I put the butter in a saucepan, when it melted I added the onion and garlic, I put the spices and I let it soften for a few minutes. I then added the livers, half a glass of water, the basil and rosemary sprigs, I put the lid on and they simmered for about 15 minutes.

I let the livers cool down a bit, the water had dropped almost completely, then I put the whole composition in the blender jar (I removed the twigs and the bay leaf). I also put the boiled yolk (it was country chicken :)) and I passed it with the vertical mixer until the cream was made.

Sensational! It has a special taste, a wonderful rosemary flavor, I recommend it with confidence and especially, ideally, to have it fresh!

We also ate, not only Stefan, who of course licked the drugstore.

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