Wish-Bone Is Recalling Thousands of Ranch Salad Dressings

Wish-Bone Is Recalling Thousands of Ranch Salad Dressings

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Heads up if you’ve purchased ranch dressing, especially if you have an egg allergy

Wish-Bone ranch dressings are being recalled after being mixed up with the blue cheese dressing, which contains egg.

If you have purchased a Wish-Bone Ranch Salad Dressing recently, you might need to return it — especially if you have egg allergies.

Pinnacle Food Groups in New Jersey, parent company of Wish-Bone, announced on June 23 that its blue cheese dressing was accidentally bottled and labeled as ranch dressing, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

The blue cheese dressing is made with eggs, so those with food sensitivities to eggs should avoid Wish-Bone Ranch until it’s safe to consume again. The FDA said no illnesses have been reported to date.

The recalled dressings are 24-ounce bottles produced on April 23 with the expiration date February 17, 2016. There were 8,678 bottles of ranch distributed throughout the country.

All distributors, customers, and the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network have been notified, and the product is being removed from store shelves. Customers who return the bottles will receive a full refund.

(Photo modified: Flickr/U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

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The Healthiest Salad Dressings, Ranked By Nutritionists

Salads can be a great source of healthy fats, fiber, protein and other nutrients, but things can quickly go downhill with additions like fried foods ― croutons and bacon, we’re looking at you ― and the all-important dressing. While drenching your kale salad with ranch might make it more delicious, you’re simultaneously dialing down its health benefits.

Store-bought dressings are often high in saturated fat, sodium, added sugar and calories , in addition to artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. And it all adds up ― while a typical serving size is 2 tablespoons, it’s not uncommon for people to use more.

“Getting familiar with serving sizes and having measuring spoons and cups at home is a good way to practice so that eventually you can eyeball correct portions in order to keep them in check,” Rebecca Ditkoff, a registered dietitian and founder of Nutrition by RD , told HuffPost.

We chatted with three nutritionists to gain some insight into what makes a salad dressing healthy or unhealthy, and asked them to rank some of the nation’s most popular varieties .

The healthiest salad dressings are the simplest ones

“The best salad dressings are typically very simple with few ingredients,” Pegah Jalali, a registered dietitian at Middleberg Nutrition, told HuffPost. “You always want to focus on the first few ingredients [and] avoid a salad dressing with ingredients that you cannot recognize like phosphoric acid, calcium disodium EDTA and artificial flavors.”

Jalali lists vinegars, oils and spices found in a typical home kitchen as solid core ingredients. Her store-bought salad dressing of choice is Primal Kitchen’s green goddess dressing . “It’s made with minimal ingredients and uses health-supportive ingredients including avocado oil, [plus] it has no added sugars and is delicious,” Jalali said.

Making your own dressing allows you to control fat, sugar and sodium content

Ditkoff’s favorite salad dressing is a balsamic-Dijon dressing that she makes at home in minutes using just a handful of ingredients: 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar and 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, plus salt and pepper to taste. “Not only is it easy to control the quality of ingredients and EVOO used, but it is also so much cheaper to make your own dressing,” Ditkoff said.

As a store-bought alternative, she recommends Stonewall Kitchen’s olive oil and balsamic dressing . “It only contains four ingredients (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices and garlic) and it tastes great on almost any kind of salad or as a marinade for chicken,” she said.

Note the serving size, sodium content, saturated fat and added sugars

“Most Americans consume more than 3,400 milligrams of sodium when the recommendation by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans is consuming less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium,” said Jonathan Valdez, owner of Genki Nutrition and spokesperson for New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics . He added that according to the American Heart Association , saturated fat should be no more than 5 to 6 percent of your total caloric intake. For a 2,000-calorie diet, this equals 120 calories or 13 grams of saturated fat.

Valdez likes miso or miso-ginger dressing. “Miso is a good source of B vitamins, folic acid, and vitamin K and E,” he said. “Because of its fermented makeup, it also has positive benefits for the gut, which more research is suggesting could assist with managing inflammation and overall wellness.”

The ranking

Below is a compiled ranking based on the input provided by these nutritionists. Specific brands were chosen for the purpose of comparison.

Ditkoff pointed out that what’s “healthier” can vary depending on each individual’s nutritional needs and past medical history. “For example, a person with diabetes would want to watch out for added sugars, whereas someone with hypertension would want to keep an eye on the sodium per serving,” Ditkoff said.

The pantry staple extra virgin olive oil was the top choice for Ditkoff and Jalali. “The rest [of the dressings] are really similar as they are all made using poor quality oils and contain too much sodium and many other ingredients that are unnecessary,” Jalali said. While EVOO has the highest amount of calories (240 calories in a 2 tablespoon serving), its health benefits and clean ingredient list make it a winner.

Blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette trail just behind EVOO. With the addition of yogurt, the Bolthouse blue cheese dressing was the lowest in calories and fat content (35 calories and 2.5 grams of fat), and Ken’s balsamic vinaigrette ranked high thanks to its recognizable ingredients list and relatively low calorie count (90 calories).

Ranch and French dressing were ranked the unhealthiest options of the bunch because of their high sodium (260 milligrams and 240 milligrams, respectively) and fat content (14 grams in ranch including 2.5 grams saturated fat, and 15 grams in French with 1 gram saturated fat).

For the ranch lovers out there, don’t despair. Valdez said that the ranking “shouldn’t deter you from eating vegetables with dressing, especially if it will help you meet the USDA’s recommendation of 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables.” To help minimize the amount of dressing you consume, he suggested eating your salad with dressing on the side and dipping each bite.

Olive Garden's House Dressing


Just buy a bottle of Wish Bone brand italian dressing, because that is what they use.
I have been to several functions that were catered by Olive Garden, and have seen the large commercial bottles of it there. There is no big "secret" to thier dressing, the same as the biscuits from Red Lobster..it's just Bisquick. the recipe is on the box.

You gotta be joking, right? That's like saying Kraft's buttermilk ranch dressing is the same as grandma's.

As a partaker of quality salad dressings, "Wish Bone brand italian dressing" is not their house recipe nor is it in the same zip code as O.G.'s.

Wish Bone brand Italian dressing is the same as Olive Garden's. Yes, I am sure that is a joke and not to be taken seriously.

I have actually been a server at Olive Garden for two years now and we do make the dressing ourselves, it is not Wish Bone.

This is also not the recipe for the house dressing, not even close actually.

I tried this recipe and it is so salty I couldn't use it.

I don't know how this is going to turn out because I followed your recipe before I researched any others. but all the other ones call for 1/2 TEASPOONS not tablespoons of the seasonings.

15 years ago when I worked at olive garden, we used wish bone Italian dressing, then we doctored it up with cheeses (Parmesan, Romano?) and herbs. Been so long ago, I wish I could remember what they were.

I work at Olive Garden and no. we do not use wish bone dressing, we have our own secret recipe (and no. I do not know what it is) but you can buy a bottle at any OG for like $5.. i wouldn't bother trying to re-create it, by the time you buy all of the ingredients you will be spending more than $5 I'm sure.

I live in central Missouri and can buy the real stuff at local grocery stores for about $4. I assume others can too.

Just use Kraft light house Italian, its not the same but really good.

Someone I know works for McCormick Seasoning and THEY make the wonderful dressing for Olive Garden.

I worked at the Olive Garden for many years, and it is not Wish Bone Dressing! It is their own recipe, that even most of the employees don't know. That is a ridiculous comment!

I had restaurant for 21 years and the only Italian dressing we used was Sysco brand separating Italian. Never found better and as good if not better than Olive Garden. We had customers that we ordered gallons for. The only problem is finding a commercial outlet that will purchase it for u from Sysco. Luck to you!

wow, stupid people. says right on the back of the bottle that mccormick does indeed make it. now the real question is if you can buy the mccormick labeled OG italian for 1/2 the cost and the convience of buying it at your local grocer.

I work at Olive Garden, and there really is no need to make your own dressing..we sell it for $4.95.

I purchased a bottle of the salad dressing that said it was from olive Gardens recipes, but it had so much high fructose corn syrup that I never used it, YUCH! I will make my own.

I purchased a bottle of the salad dressing that said it was from olive Gardens recipes, but it had so much high fructose corn syrup that I never used it, YUCH! I will make my own.

I worked at Olive Garden in the mid-90's and at that time the dressing was Wish Bone Italian dressing with parmesan cheese added. I even recall seeing the labels on the large plastic jars they ordered in the back of the kitchen. I remember being surprised when I found out about the "special olive garden dressing". I also felt sorry for the customers that paid a premium for that doctored up salad dressing that was being re-bottled into fancier glass bottles by the hostesses & bartenders, as side work.

This brand can be found at Vons, Ralphs, Gelson’s Markets, Target, Whole Foods Market, and elsewhere. Flavors include Blush Wine Vinaigrette, Real French Vinaigrette, Rich Poppy Seed, Special Request Rich Santa Fe Blend, and Zesty French.

Talk about “accidentally vegan”: Even the bacon flavors are made with soy “bacon” bits. We love it. Choose from these calorie-free creamy dressing flavors: Bacon Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Buttermilk Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Creamy Bacon, Creamy Italian, French, Russian, and Thousand Island.

Now that you’ve got the 411 on vegan creamy salad dressings, there are no more excuses—it’s time to go vegan!

The best healthy salad dressing brands.

Ideally, you want your healthy salad dressing to meet certain nutritional criteria. (All numbers are listed for a two-tablespoon serving.)

  • Less than 250 milligrams of sodium
  • Less than 3 grams of added sugar
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Few to no vegetable oils

And while "fat-free" dressings may seem synonymous with fitting into your skinny jeans again, that's not actually the case. You want your topper to contain some healthy fats, which help your body absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K—slimming nutrients found in many salad staples such as spinach and tomatoes.

These are the 10 healthiest salad dressings you can buy.

1. Bolthouse Farms Chunky Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing

We love that Bolthouse Farms uses protein-rich yogurt for its base to keep the fat content of this healthy salad dressing respectably low. The combination of yogurt and blue cheese bring the amount of protein to 2 grams per serving. And with an impressively low 35 calories per serving, you won't believe this bottle packs in velvety blue cheese in almost every bite.

2. Organic Girl Avocado Cilantro Vegan Vinaigrette

If the avocado on your countertop isn't yet ripe for use, don't fret—you can still get the coveted creamy flavor with this organic offering. Organic Girl boasts a kick of jalapenos and invigorating lime juice as well as satiating unsaturated fats that help you absorb many veggies' fat-soluble nutrients. Squirt this over a Mexican-style salad when you're short on time to make fresh guac.

3. Bragg Vinaigrette

Apple cider vinegar, which has been linked to weight loss and appetite suppression, is the top ingredient in Bragg's healthful vinaigrette. This healthy salad dressing is sweetened with a drop of organic honey and liquid aminos, and balanced with a dash of black pepper for a low-sodium sauce that's as wholesome as it tastes.

4. Primal Kitchen Lemon Turmeric Vinaigrette & Marinade

Curcumin, the main antioxidant in turmeric, has been shown to fight inflammation—a key driver of weight gain. After you've drizzled your greens with the golden stuff, add a dash of black pepper. The zesty spice helps increase turmeric's bioavailability.

5. Hilary's Ranch Chia

Instead of relying on a fatty base of vegetable oil and buttermilk, Hilary's concocts its creamy ranch with hearty coconut milk. To add to the benefits, this healthy salad dressing packs in heart-benefitting chia seeds for a dose of omega-3s in every bite.

6. Annie's Organic Red Wine & Olive Oil Vinaigrette

Annie's adds tang and body to your salads without breaking your calorie budget. Two tablespoons pack in under 140 calories and boast 14 grams of fat coming from extra virgin olive oil. EVOO is brimming with oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that has been shown to prevent heart disease.

7. Primal Kitchen Dreamy Italian Dressing

Avocado oil—the first ingredient in this pick—has been shown to prevent metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, a study in BioMed Research Journal shows. What's more, this dreamy dressing features aromatic flavors from basil, garlic, red chile peppers, and thyme, deeming this the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

8. Annie's Organic Caesar Dressing

If you're yearning for an indulgent flavor factor to keep your salad streak going, Annie's organic Caesar trumps most commercial brands that inject their formulas with belly-ballooning fat and salt. Plus, this Ceasar is egg-free and non-GMO.

9. Tessemae's Green Goddess

Unlike our other healthy salad dressing contenders, Tessemae's serving size is trimmed down to a mere tablespoon. However, even if you double it to two, the nutritionals remain quite impressive. Instead of stuffing in deleterious amounts of sodium and sugar, Tessemae's flavors its sauce with organic tamari, EVOO, and turmeric.

Annie's Balsamic Vinaigrette Is All Natural and Heart Healthy

This is a full-fat healthy salad dressing and has the calories to prove it, but the fat comes from organic canola oil. "We all need to get some oils,” Caplan says. “You need fat to process vitamin A and vitamin D, which are essential vitamins.” Indeed, according to Colorado State University, these as well as vitamins E and K are only absorbed well into the body with the presence of fat.

At 100 calories per serving, this dressing is almost too caloric for Caplan, so she advises cutting it with a little vinegar, or even water as long as the flavor still satisfies you, or simply have it in 1-tbsp servings.

Calories 100

Total Fat 10g

Saturated Fat 1g

Sodium 60mg

Sugar 1g (from natural sources)

Homemade Italian Dressing Seasoning Mix

Italian dressing seasoning mix is used in several of our recipes here at Crock-Pot Ladies and while we will usually just list it in the ingredient list as a “packet of Italian Dressing Seasoning Mix” we also like to offer a homemade version.

Making your own seasoning mixes is super easy and when you make your own you know exactly what ingredients are in your mixes.

Our version has a little less salt in it than most because we feel that with all the herbs and spices too much added salt is not needed. You can omit the salt altogether if you want to…we do it all the time and it comes out fine!

And while this mix is handy to have in your cupboard for all sorts of recipes (scroll down for a list of recipes that uses this mix) you can of course use it to make a yummy homemade Italian salad dressing that is SO GOOD on salad greens or drizzled over cut up tomatoes and cucumbers.

Heck you can also marinate chicken, beef or pork in it before throwing it on the grill or in the oven!

Simple Italian Salad Dressing

Contrary to its name, Italian salad dressing is not an Italian creation, but an American pantry staple inspired by Italian ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil, and oregano. What most of us know as Italian dressing is the bottled product featuring some of these flavors, albeit packed with emulsifiers and stabilizers that extend its shelf-life. By making a delicious fresh version of Italian dressing, you can control the quality of what goes in it and adjust the flavor to suit your palate. Our homemade fresh-tasting recipe is easily customizable and free of preservatives and additives.

This Italian salad dressing recipe is a simple combination of oil, vinegar, mustard, and seasonings and uses a very easy "shake" method that results in a perfectly emulsified vinaigrette. The tiny dash of Dijon keeps the oil and vinegar mixed together for restaurant-quality results.

Green salads are without a doubt the most common use for Italian dressing, but the blend also makes a terrific marinade for steaks, grilled chicken, pork chops, and firm white fish. Mix it into ground beef for a flavor-boosted burger or drizzle on the bread before grilling some panini. If you can, refrigerate overnight before using so the flavors can blend and intensify. Store for up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator and shake before serving.

What dressing is best for salad?

This is thoroughly answered here. Also question is, what is the healthiest dressing for a salad?

  • Extra virgin olive oil (California Olive Ranch extra virgin olive oil)
  • Blue cheese (Bolthouse Farms chunky blue cheese)
  • Balsamic vinaigrette (Newman's Own balsamic vinaigrette)
  • Italian (Wish-Bone house Italian)
  • Thousand Island (Kraft Thousand Island)
  • Honey Dijon (Ken's Dijon honey mustard)
  1. Guacamole. Avocado or using guacamole is my all time favorite “salad dressing” because it tastes amazing and is amazing for you!
  2. Hummus.
  3. Hard boiled egg (chopped)
  4. Liquid Aminos.
  5. Coconut oil.
  6. Balsamic vinegar.
  7. Olive oil.

Just so, what dressing should I use for salad?

  • Sesame ginger. This simple salad dressing doubles as an easy marinade for meat, poultry, or roasted veggies.
  • Balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Avocado lime.
  • Lemon vinaigrette.
  • Honey mustard.
  • Greek yogurt ranch.
  • Apple cider vinaigrette.
  • Ginger turmeric.

Which oil is best for salad dressing?

Generally speaking, any oils labeled "vegetable oil" or "salad oil" are fine for making a basic vinaigrette. You could also use any light, neutral-flavored oil like safflower, canola, or soybean oil. One of the most common variations is to substitute olive oil for salad oil.

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